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National Association of Clery Compliance Officers and ProfessionalsNational Association of Clery Compliance Officers and Professionals

NACCOP Administrative Capability Institute

NACCOP is proud to announce the launch of the NACCOP Administrative Capability Institute (NACCOP-ACI). The Administrative Capability Institute will consist of eight in-person classes that will be offered as pre-conference workshops during the NACCOP Annual Conference. Classes in the Institute will educate attendees in how to develop checks and balances in a system of internal controls to ensure administrative capability within their institution’s Clery Act compliance programs. The Institute will equip attendees with foundational knowledge that will help attendees develop relevant Clery Act policies and procedures. Each class will address relevant requirements of the law as well as strategies to create, implement, manage, and maintain systems or processes to address those requirements.

Each year, beginning with the 2024 Annual Conference, NACCOP will offer two administrative capability classes as pre- conference sessions. Any eligible employee of a college or university who is attending the annual conference can register for these pre-conference sessions. NOTE: Previous experience and training in Clery Act Compliance will be helpful for attendees who are registering for these sessions.

The inaugural Institute will consist of eight classes that will run from 2024-2027. Attendees of each class will receive a certificate of completion from NACCOP. The certification of completion verifies attendance and can serve as an attendee’s documentation that they have received training in applicable administrative capability concepts.

An optional certification exam can be taken by attendees who complete all NACCOP-ACI classes. Successful completion of the NACCOP-ACI Certification Exam will go beyond verification of attendance and demonstrate the attendee’s competence in key administrative capability concepts addressed in the Institute. Passing the NACCOP-ACI Certification Exam will result in attainment of the Administrative Capability Certification through NACCOP.

Participants in the NACCOP-ACI can enroll in a single class, all classes, or any combination of classes. Classes may be completed in any order but will be offered in the sequence outlined below. While there are no pre-requisites, attendance at Session #1 is strongly encouraged since it will provide a deep dive into the concept of administrative capability generally, whereas subsequent sessions focus on how to practically apply these concepts to specific facets of Clery compliance.

Administrative Capability Institute Classes and Descriptions


Session #1: A Primer on Administrative Capability

This session will help attendees better understand the concept of administrative capability as it relates to complying with the Clery Act. The five components of an internal control system as well as each components’ associated principles used to guide development of a system of internal control for Clery compliance purposes will also be introduced. Attendees will begin developing draft strategic plans relative to their individual compliance programs and work in groups to refine those strategies and goals for moving their compliance programs forward.

Session #2: Internal Controls for Collecting, Counting, and Classifying Statistics

This session is designed to develop an understanding of how an institution can establish clear objectives and internal control systems to safeguard accurate, complete, and fully-reconciled crime statistics in a manner that ensures administrative capability. This includes recognizing what policies, procedures, and processes are integral to the proper compilation of crime reports and statistics. These key control areas include crime report source identification; collection, classification, counting, categorizing (by Clery Geography location), reconciliation, and tracking of crime reports in an audit trail; systematically testing statistics for potential errors and sampling reports; and assuring management oversight and quality assurance. Session attendees will be asked to submit materials in advance of the session, and they will be required to work together in groups during the session in identifying and developing control systems necessary for the proper classification and disclosure of annual statistics.


Session #3: Internal Controls for Identifying and Establishing Clery Geography

Session #4: Internal Controls for Identifying, Notifying, Training and Engaging CSAs


Session #5: Developing Policies, Processes and Procedures for Managing Ongoing Disclosures

Session #6: Emergency Response and Operations - Developing and Managing a Clery Compliant Test


Session #7: Developing and Distributing Compliant Annual Reports (ASR/AFSR)

Session #8: Developing a System to Create, Manage and Track Institutional Prevention, Awareness & Education Programming