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National Association of Clery Compliance Officers and ProfessionalsNational Association of Clery Compliance Officers and Professionals

Important Registration Information

Individuals registering to attend a NACCOP event (this includes but is not limited to: the annual conference/pre-conference, training classes, and webinars) must be employed by a college or university, unless approved in advance by NACCOP. Individuals who are not employed by a college or university can send an email request to attend a NACCOP event to the NACCOP Team at The webinar materials for any NACCOP webinar will only be provided to individuals who register for and participate in the webinar.



Lessons Learned from Department of Education Audits

January 22, 2019 and August 6, 2019 (POSTPONED until new audits become available)   2pm – 3:30pm EST

Join NACCOP for a review of recent U.S. Department of Education program reviews relating to the Clery Act and/or the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA).  We will review pertinent findings from selected audits and will highlight key take-aways for participants to consider when reviewing their institution’s Clery Act and DFSCA compliance programs.  This webinar will include significant details about compliance requirements and the intended audience is the employee(s) who is primarily responsible of managing Clery compliance for their institution, i.e. the Clery Compliance Officer. 

COST: Member $99   Non Member $149

January 22, 2019   2pm EST   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

August 6, 2019   2pm EST   POSTPONED as there are have been no new audits published by the U.S. Department of Education since the last offering of this webinar on January 22. We will update this webinar date when new audits become available.




February 5, 2019 and September 17, 2019   2pm - 3:30pm EST

The NACCOP Federal Relations Webinar will feature the following:

  • Update on the Status of Federal Legislative Activity that affects the Clery Act/VAWA/Title IX
  • NACCOP Association News

February 5, 2019   2pm EST     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

September 17, 2019   2pm EST    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER



Writing Incident Reports for Clery Act Crimes

February 19, 2019   2pm - 3:15pm EST.

This webinar will review what managers, supervisors, investigators, housing staff and trainers need to know regarding incident report content and Clery Act compliance.  No matter what system of record is used, if report takers aren't asking the right questions or including all necessary information in their reports, departments could be misclassifying Clery Act crimes.  This webinar will provide insights into the key components report takers need to document in order to assist institutional efforts to properly classify and count Clery reportable offenses.

COST: Member: $99.00   Non Member: $199




Q&A with Department of Education - MEMBER EXCLUSIVE FREE WEBINAR

March 12, 2019 and October 22, 2019   2pm – 3:30pm EST

THE NACCOP Team will facilitate an exclusive, members only Question and Answer session with James Moore, Senior Advisor for Clery Act Compliance and Campus Safety, Clery Compliance Team, U.S. Department of Education to get his direct responses to questions posed in advance by NACCOP members.

March 12, 2019   2pm EST     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

October 22, 2019   2pm EST     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER



NACCOP Learn more about the Clery Compliance Officer Certification Program Webinar - FREE

March 26, 2019 and September 24, 2019   2pm - 3pm EST

The Learn more about the Clery Compliance Officer Certification Program Webinar will feature information about the eligibility, program requirements, and cost of the program.


March 26, 2019   2pm EST   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

September 24, 2019   2pm EST   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER



Classifying Stalking Offenses for Clery Act Purposes

April 4, 2019   2pm - 3:15pm EST

Incidents of stalking are unlike any other offenses that must be included in the annual statistical disclosure, which makes them vulnerable to misclassification and underreporting.  They involve more than one act between the same perpetrator and the victim.  They have special rules for counting offenses by location.  Stalking activities can occur in both the on-line and off-line environments.   Furthermore, courses of conduct must provoke a specific response by the targeted individual, or a reasonable person in the target’s position.  There are even special considerations for counting courses of conduct that span multiple years.  This webinar will explore these issues and more as we aim to provide participants with guidance that will help to identify potential courses of conduct that should be classified as Stalking offenses for Clery Act purposes.

COST: Member $99.00   Non Member $199.00





April 16, 2019 and November 12, 2019   2pm – 3:30pm EST

The NACCOP News Webinar will feature Clery Acts News, NACCOP Association News and a review of some key lessons learned from recent Department of Education audits and fine activity.

April 16, 2019    2pm EST   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

November 12, 2019     2pm EST   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER



Beyond the Handbook:  Recent Developments in Clery Act Compliance - MEMBER EXCLUSIVE FREE WEBINAR

April 30, 2019 and December 17, 2019    2pm – 3:30pm EST

Join NACCOP for these member-exclusive webinars as we examine important lessons learned from Department of Education guidance, including meetings and discussions with decision-makers and questions and answers with the Campus Safety and Security Help Desk that examine Clery Act and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act compliance.  The NACCOP team will share select communications with members and will extrapolate lessons learned for enhancing their institution’s Clery Act compliance program.  NACCOP members are strongly encouraged to forward communications between their institutions and Department of Education officials, such as the Clery Act Compliance Team or the Campus Safety and Security Help Desk, prior to this webinar.  Any submissions by members will be considered for presentation during the webinar (we will redact your institution’s name, if requested, prior to incorporating it into the webinar if your institution wishes to remain anonymous).  

April 30, 2019     2pm EST     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

December 17, 2019     2pm EST     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER



What Clery Compliance Officers and Other Key Leaders on Your Campus Need to Know about the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 

May 14, 2019   2:00pm – 3:30pm EST

The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 (DFSCA) requires institutions of higher education that receive any form of Federal financial assistance to develop, distribute, and evaluate (on a biennial basis) a drug and alcohol abuse prevention program for students and employees. The Office of Federal Student Aid (which oversees the Clery Act Compliance Division) is responsible for enforcing this law, and has tenaciously done so since assuming this responsibility in 2010.  Since November 2014, 36 schools have been fined nearly of $750,000 for violations of the DFSCA. This webinar will provide an overview of the law’s history and requirements, review current trends in enforcement and provide practical guidance for enhancing institutional compliance programs.

COST:  Member $149   Non Member $249



Conducting a Clery-Compliant Test of the Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

June 4, 2019   2pm - 3pm EST

Institutions are required to have and disclose emergency response and evacuation procedures, which must be tested annually in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).  The HEOA implementing regulations define a “test” as regularly scheduled drills, exercises, and appropriate follow-through activities, designed for assessment and evaluation of emergency plans and capabilities.  This webinar will explore each of these requirements in detail to assist practitioners in conducting an annual test to meet the various requirements of the law.

COST:  Member $99.00   Non Member $199 




Clery Compliance End of the “Clery” Year Review (2 Part Series)

PART 1: Before Pressing Send: Strategies for Reviewing and Distributing your Annual Security/Fire Safety Report(s) by October 1, 2019

August 15, 2019    2pm - 3:15pm EST

This session will be designed to provide tips and information to institutions prior to publishing and distributing the Annual Security/Fire Safety Reports. The beginning of a new academic year typically marks the time in which many institutions are developing and/or finalizing the content of their Annual Security/Fire Safety Reports in preparation for distribution to students and employees.  This webinar will provide an overview of the steps institutions can take to ensure these compliance document(s) accurately reflect the institution’s crime and fire statistics and current statements of policy.  The requirements pertaining to distributing a four-part notice of availability will also be reviewed so that institutions are positioned to distribute these compliance documents in a manner that meets Clery Act notification requirements.

COST: Member $129.00 members   Non Member $229




Clery Compliance End of the “Clery” Year Review (2 Part Series)

PART 2: Before Closing the Clery Year: Are your tasks completed and is your documentation demonstrating compliance for 2017-2018 Clery Year filed?

September 5, 2019    2pm - 3:15pm EST

The publication and distribution of the Annual Security/Fire Safety Reports presents an opportune time to reflect on institutional compliance practices to ensure not only that institutions are adhering to the policy statement disclosures included in those publications, but also to ensure that various compliance-related tasks are completed to both fulfill and document the mandates of the Clery Act.  Join us as we review some of the essential items that should be on your “to-do” list before closing out your Clery year.

COST:  Member $129.00    Non Member $229




What Clery Compliance Officers Need to Know About the Standards of Administrative Capability

October 3, 2019    2pm - 3:15pm EST

Institutions that participate in Title IV, HEA student financial aid programs must comply with the standards of administrative capability located at 34 C.F.R. § 668.16.  These standards implore institutions to develop and implement fully-compliant Clery Act and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act programs that have adequate checks and balances in their system of internal controls. In this session, we will review the applicable standards of administrative capability and identify strategies for enhancing your institution’s administrative capability to comply with these foundational campus safety laws.

COST: Member $99.00   Non Member $199 



Developing a Clery Compliance Committee Webinar – FREE

December 5th, 2019   3pm-4:15pm EST

Complying with the Clery Act is an institutional responsibility. This webinar assists in identifying key stakeholders, initiating discussion related to the Clery Act and important agenda topics in order to launch your Clery Compliance Committee. At a minimum, we suggest that you invite representatives from the following departments, to this session: Public Safety/Police Department, General Counsel’s Office, Compliance and Internal Audit, Student Conduct, VP of Student Affairs/Dean of Students, Student Activities/Fraternity & Sorority Life, Residence Life and Housing, Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management (Fire Safety Engineer), Human Resources, Admissions, Athletics, Study Abroad Office, Title IX Coordinator/Sexual Assault Response Team Leader, Director of Student Health, Provost/Academic Affairs Office and Real Estate Office.




Webinar Refund Policy

Any webinar registration cancellation emailed more than 72 hours prior to the day/time of the webinar will be provided with the opportunity to register for a future alternate webinar. In the event that there are not any upcoming webinars available, there will be a credit issued for a future webinar or event that must be used within 1 year of the original webinar date that resulted in the credit being issued. Credits will be removed from the member’s account after 1 year. i.e. 365 days.

If the original registrant will not be able to participate, he/she can forward the name and email address of a colleague at their institution who will serve as a substitute. A substitution to another individual from the same institution may be made with 72 or more hours’ notice. All substitutions must be made in writing and NACCOP will verify the original registration. If there is not an original registration from which to offer a substitution, the substitute registrant must register themselves for the event. For instructions on event registrations, please CLICK HERE


Any registration cancellations for paid webinars emailed less than 72 hours prior to the day of the webinar will result in a forfeiture of the webinar registration fees. However, outline materials related to the content of webinar presentation will be emailed to the registrant.

No refunds will be given for issues or circumstances beyond our control such as manmade or natural disasters, weather, campus conditions, etc.

Please contact the NACCOP Team at if you have any questions pertaining to the webinar registration process.