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National Association of Clery Compliance Officers and ProfessionalsNational Association of Clery Compliance Officers and Professionals

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NACCOP Membership Plans and Costs


ABOUT NACCOP Members: The membership is composed of administrators and Clery compliance officers working for colleges and universities throughout the United States.


If you would like to print out a summary of the NACCOP membership levels and costs, Click Here


Institutional Membership $390/year


An institution must sign up for an Institutional Membership and the first individual at a college/university who registers the institution needs to acquire the Institutional Membership to be provided with the full membership benefits of NACCOP.


Institutional Membership is assigned to: A full-time employee of an institution of higher education that participates in Title IV, student financial assistance programs and is required by Federal Law to comply with the Clery Act.


An institution of higher education is defined as a college or university that has its own President/Chancellor (or position with an alternate title but serves in a similar capacity) leading the organization. Typically, a college or university will have its own OPE ID number and its own listing in the Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Collection Tool (available at


Institutions that are part of a “system” must purchase an institutional membership for each college/university within the system that is an independently accredited institution or that has its own President/Chancellor, etc. (even if the system has one Board of Trustees/Regents). Typically, a college or university will have its own OPE ID number and its own listing in the Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Collection Tool (available at


Institutional member benefits are only provided to the individual who is identified as the institutional representative (called “primary representative” in our association management platform) under this membership category. Institutional membership does not provide benefits to other individuals at the institution. If other individuals at the institution are seeking membership or benefits (i.e. member discount prices on programs or services), they must become a Professional Member of the association.


Professional Membership $95/year


Once a College/University has an Institutional Membership (which is acquired through the first individual at the institution who becomes an Institutional Member), additional employees of the College/University who have responsibility or interest in Clery Act compliance for the institution can register as a professional member of NACCOP. This could include but is not limited to employees in the offices of: Student Conduct, Student Affairs, Human Resources, Housing/Residential Life, Title IX Coordinator, General Counsel/Legal Affairs, Compliance and Risk Management.


NOTE: NACCOP staff conduct a periodic audit of membership categories, and if an individual signed up to become a Professional Members and their institution does not have an Institutional Membership, the Professional Member will be invoiced the cost difference ($295) between the two categories of membership and the Professional Member will automatically be transferred into the Institutional Member category since institutional membership is a prerequisite for individual membership.


Committee Membership $500/year


Once a campus has an Institutional Membership, your Clery Compliance Committee is able to join NACCOP by purchasing a Committee Membership for $500.00 for up to 10 people—a savings of up to $450 depending on the size of the committee.  Each committee member would be registered and would receive NACCOP membership benefits. If the institution wants to add more than 10 committee members, the cost will be $50 per person beyond the $500 base price for the Committee Membership.


Contact to add a Committee membership, as our staff has to set this option up for your institution.


No refunds will be issued for current professional members who become part of a “committee membership”—these members will be transferred into the committee upon request.


Membership Benefits (Included in Membership Fee)

  • 10 Part Webinar Series: Our popular 10-Part Clery Act Webinar Series (equivalent to 2 days of training)
  • Annual publication of the Journal of Clery Compliance Officers & Professionals (this is a 36-40 page practitioner-focused journal written exclusively for NACCOP members that provides guidance and information about various Clery Act related topics each year)
  • Member-Exclusive Professional Development Opportunities (average of 18 free educational webinars each year, including the popular 10-Part Annual Webinar Series)
  • Representation in Washington, D.C. via a Director of Federal Relations
  • Staff collaboration with other higher education professional associations and corporate partners on behalf of NACCOP members
  • Access to legislative updates via Federal Relations Newsletters
  • Access to NACCOP Whitepapers (minimum of two per year)
  • Access to Clery related studies, press releases, and other important changes
  • Tools and resources for managing institutional compliance objectives, including sample policy statement language for VAWA policies and a list of records to maintain for Clery Act purposes
  • Access to Clery compliance reference materials & resource library
  • Opportunity to participate in Association task forces/committees
  • Connect & Collaborate with other Clery Compliance Officers via the membership platform
  • NACCOP Connect Member Discussion Groups

Discounted Professional Development Opportunities for Members (Minimum savings of $100+ per event)

  • Annual Conference and Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Clery Compliance Officer Certification Program
  • NACCOP Regional Clery Act Training Classes (2 days)

Explanation of Dues


The annual membership dues (for 12 months from the date they join) for the first member at an institution (called the Institutional Member) is $390.00 and if additional people from that institution want to join as well, the cost is $95.00/person (unless opting for the Committee Membership plan as described above).


This is a very competitive rate for membership dues, significantly lower than most higher education associations. Our philosophy is to provide institutions (and additional individuals at each institution) the ability to join the association at a nominal rate and to provide a solid set of member benefits that will assist institutions in gaining knowledge and managing their ongoing compliance efforts. We then offer some additional services and programs on an a-la-carte basis to allow members to make choices about participating in programs that meet their individual needs at a significant member discount rate. This philosophy is distinctly different than that of other associations that charge double, triple, or more in membership fees and essentially charge members for programming that they are conducting, whether members participate in those programs or not.


Our goal: Make membership affordable so that joining the association is a “no brainer” and the fee is not at a cost that forces a member institution to have to strain their budget to join.


Membership Dues Policies


The membership period is one year from the date the membership was purchased (or activated, if paid for by check). To remain a member, annual renewal fees are due on or before the expiration date of the membership. Memberships are not deactivated immediately when payment is past due. Members are provided a grace period to pay the membership fee and are typically contacted numerous times to remind them that their membership is up for renewal. When the past due invoice is paid late, i.e. after the expiration date, members are expected to pay the full amount due to renew their membership for their membership year, as they continue to receive membership benefits during the grace period. After the grace period, unpaid memberships will be deactivated.

Membership Transfer Policy


NACCOP will allow Institutional membership primary contact and Professional membership transfers to occur between individuals from the same institution. For example, if the Clery Compliance Officer with a current membership resigns they could transfer their membership to their replacement. Please contact us at if you need to make these arrangements.